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Email marketing critical to success, but users are selling themselves short (study)

Email continues to be critical to business, and generates the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

There are dozens of email service providers and marketing tools available to help businesses leverage the medium, with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor among the most used. Add to that the swathe of marketing automation platforms that offer email marketing services and you’re looking at quite a complex landscape.

In an extensive report launched by VB Insight today, we learn that 84 percent of marketers think email is important or critically important for loyalty. Similarly high percentages show how important it is for sales, retaining customers, and lead generation.

But all is not rosy in the email marketing garden, as the report also shows only 50 percent of email marketers think their needs are effectively met by current providers. Worse still, email marketers aren’t using these tools effectively, despite their importance.

The study — “Buyer’s Guide: How to navigate the email marketing landscape” — weighs in at 10,000 words and 60+ pages, and it details findings from almost 1,300 email marketers, evaluates 48,000 companies that use email tools, and profiles 21 leading vendors. The author, Jon Cifuentes, an analyst at VB Insight, found some surprises while creating the report.

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TotalWeb Partners – The Essentials of SEO for Small Business

The Essentials of SEO for Small Business.

SEO or search engine optimization, often a misunderstood topic for small business owners. With 93 percent of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it is vital for small business owners to understand the fundamentals of SEO and how it can increase traffic to your website.

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7 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls Your Business Should Avoid

Social media marketing has become a necessary and valuable marketing tool for businesses today. It’s one of the best ways to increase awareness and connect with an audience, but it can also help you grow your business and generate leads—if you do it right.

So to give your business some practical direction, we’ve outlined seven social media marketing pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Not having a strategy
  2. Being on EVERY social media channel
  3. Not being consistent
  4. Using social media as a sales platform
  5. Having an intern do it all
  6. Not engaging with followers
  7. Not tracking analytics and KPIs

While there are many firms on social media, not every company is seeing the value or reaping the rewards of their efforts. Be sure you are not falling into these pitfalls, and you’ll begin to realize the real value that social media can bring to your marketing strategy and business.

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The Easy Way to Go Global With Inbound Marketing

The Easy Way to Go Global With Inbound Marketing.

Why partner with TotalWeb? Read the following article from “Marketing Profs” and learn how we can help you increase market share.

Most companies have heard about the practice of inbound marketing, but fewer know how to effectively implement it.

On the surface, the idea is simple: Great content generates Web traffic, and a proportion of that traffic will end up converting to leads. This is a relatively new concept for many businesses that are used to building a brand by simply pushing out products or services via more traditional methods rather than creating compelling content that pulls in customers.

Many B2B companies have started deploying inbound marketing strategies. At the core of those strategies is content marketing. Some 93% of B2B organizations are using some form of content marketing, but less than half (42%) say they’re effective at it.

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How A Website’s Design Affects Conversion Rates

How A Website’s Design Affects Conversion Rates.

The idea of a website is to give information to its visitors. Each site will have an aim, like sharing knowledge or asking people to do something, such as buy a product. There are over a billion live websites on the Internet these days, and each has a unique layout and style.

You might not realize this but your Website’s design can affect conversion rates. This blog entry will give you an insight into the importance of having a good website design. The following information will also be of use to people that might not have many visitors interacting with their site.

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5 Ways to Use Data to Adjust Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Use Data to Adjust Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Being data focused can help support your intuition as a marketer and ensure your efforts are reaping results for your business. The same logic applies to your social media presence as data can highlight what’s working and what isn’t on each channel you’re active on.

These tips will by no means be an exhaustive list; rather, they will point you towards a host of free tools and techniques that will allow you to begin experimenting with data in your social media marketing efforts.

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