TotalWeb Partner Advantages

All packages have defined deliverables, detailed reporting, no setup fees, and on-going service updating.

TotalWeb is not an internet vendor, we are an internet marketing partner.  The TotalWeb Partner Advantages start with the building of a close and long term relationship to learn about your business and help you stand out from the competition. After the launch of your new site, SEO, or Social media program, TotalWeb’s services includes the ongoing enhancement of your online presence through regular maintenance and updating. Our Support is always proactive, leveraging our knowledge and experience to strengthen your web marketing strategy with continuous improvements. TotalWeb implementation will include specific messaging to accurately project your company’s brand and culture.
Cumulatively, all of these functions yield a synergistic relationship that creates marked improvements in the efficiency and performance of your Web presence. Working together we focus on ensuring that your company’s online presence correctly and personally represents the key components, benefits, and essence of your business.


Copywriting and Unique Content Creation Services

Copywriting services are included in the Website design, Social Media, SEO, E-marketing, and Inbound Marketing packages. TotalWeb has professional writers that will aid in creating unique content for your website, Social Media Profiles, Newsletters, and more. A Web presence created by TotalWeb will be modern, effective, and information rich.


TotalWeb Site Design Includes Mobile or Response Web Design (RWD)

Looking for a high quality new Website that is both desktop and mobile compatible? All of TotalWeb’s Website design packages include a mobile option Check our Website design packages


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If you are unsure of which TotalWeb package meets your needs or you have custom requirements, fill out our proposal request form and Total Web will get back to you within 24 hours.
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