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TotalWeb Partners Provides High Speed Website Hosting for TWP Built and all WordPress Sites!

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Fast service, a responsive help desk, and quality monitoring raises TotalWeb Partner’s Hosting services to be second to none.  Chose from basic hosting packages to programs that include trend analysis and updates.

TotalWeb Partners – High Speed Cloud Services for 2020 and beyond…

“TotalWeb Partners” Stndard Website Hosting Packages; Excludes Catalog Sites


Platinum + Basic SEO Package
Website Hosting – Daily Backups – 30 days Storage & Pages – Up to 4,000 RWD Pages and 1 GB of image memory 25 Pages Max Up to 100 Pages Up to 500 Pages Up to 1,000 Pages Up to 4,000 Pages Up to 4,000 Pages
Hi Speed Cache X X X X X X
Reporting Basic Basic Basic + User ID Basic + User ID Advanced Advanced
CMS – Content Management System Self Service CMS – Ability to edit and author pages (And Products in a catalog site) X X X X X X
Protection & Platform Updating Malware & Virus Protection; TWP will monitor premium tracking software to protect from intrusions and guarantee immediate and full restoration from any attack. Basic Advanced w/Auto Repair Advanced w/Auto Repair Advanced w/Auto Repair Advanced w/Auto Repair Advanced w/Auto Repair
WordPress Updates – Periodic platform & plugin updating in a controlled environment. X X X X X
Help Desk Help Desk – 9:00 – 5:00 Phone Assistance with the CMS and report tools X X X X X
SEO SEO; Research and Meta Data Implementation Self Service Basic Tools Self Service Basic Tools Self Service Basic Tools Self Service Advanced Tools TWP Managed; 5 Keywords 
SEO Page Updates; Keyword & Unique Content Implementation Self Service Self Service Self Service Self Service TWP Managed
Blog; News Articles Self Service Self Service Self Service Self Service TWP Managed; 2 Per Month
Update Services Client Directed – TWP will implement changes / create new pages as directed. 4 hrs/yr 12 hrs/yr 24 hrs/yr 24 hrs/yr – Site & SEO
TWP Analysis and Update Services – TWP will analyze traffic trends, develop an improvement plan, update up to 3 pages, and create 1 new page to improve the site.. Annual Semi-Annual Quarterly Quarterly – Site & SEO
Costs & Terms Monthly Cost – Standard Site $35.00 $75.00 $130.00 $225.00 $350.00 $600.00
Billing (All contracts are annual) Annual Annual Annual Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Options Email Hosting N/A 5 Mail B0xes (1GB) 10 Mail B0xes (2GB) 20 Mail B0xes (5GB) 50 Mail B0xes (10GB) 50 Mail B0xes (10GB)
Additional Service Hours $100/hr $100/hr $85/hr $75/hr $75/hr $75/hr


Advantages of the TotalWeb team!


Dedicated to Helping Your Business Succeed Online

The managing partners of TotalWeb have decades of strategic sales support, web marketing, and engineering systems knowledge and experience having worked within the manufacturing and the on-line marketing arena for the past 20 years.


Not Your Typical Marketing Firm

Our team is comprised of technical, marketing, and process design experts who have all worked in the field, ran businesses, and owned entities like yours. This breadth of real world experience has guided the production of offers that are easy to understand with defined and quantified deliverables. With TotalWeb you will know what you are buying.


Depth of Knowledge

Our team members past responsibilities have included engineering process design, key account management, and sales development. We have conducted scores of web marketing seminars, managed on and off-line sales, monitored thousands of on-line marketing programs, and worked on hundreds of advanced website builds.