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Generate Dynamic Marketing Materials On-the-Fly with TotalWeb Partners’ PDF Generator

TotalWeb Partners’ Dynamic on-the-fly PDF Generator allows you to generate a variety of marketing materials from your product catalog, including product pages, product lines, product families, and full or custom catalogs. You can also use this tool to dynamically produce flyers and brochures. These materials are all dynamically generated, so they will always include the latest information. This ensures your marketing materials are always up-to-date.

TWP can turn your source files into dynamically generated PDFs

The system generates the following 5 types of PDF’s for all parts in the catalog

1. Full Catalog

Click on the top button “Catalog Download”

All of these PDFs are dynamically generated so they will always include the latest product info.

Each product family, each industry, and the full catalog has a full graphic cover, graphic headers, graphic footers, a custom index, and an easy-to-update final page with ordering info and terms.

2. Product Page

Go to the page, scroll down, click the “Create PDF” button.

3. Product Line

(Chart – Page) – Go to the page and click “Create PDF” Button

4. Product Family

Click “Download Product Family PDF”

5. Custom & Industry Catalogs

Select 1 or more Product lines to generate a custom catalog
Select the Industry to create an industry-segmented catalog.

Dynamic PDF Flyers

TWP can turn your Service pages into dynamic PDF flyers. Visit the link below and hit the Create PDF button to dynamically generate the flyer.


  • Limited

  • $100/mth
  • Dynamic PDF Generator – Flyer

    • Generates PDF Files from Website Data
    • Up to 15 PDF Files; Flyers, Brochures, or Sell Sheets
    • Custom Graphics
    • On-the-fly Flyer Generation
    • Dynamically Generated Files (Does Not Include Catalogs)
    • Up to 10,000 page generations per month included.
    • Additional page generations are billed incrementally
      @$50/mth per additional 5,000

  • Premium

  • $250/mth
  • Dynamic PDF Generator – Catalog & Flyer

    • Generates PDF Files from Website and Catalog Data
    • Up to 1,000 PDF Files
    • Custom Graphics
    • Full and Partial Catalog on-the-fly Generation
    • Custom Catalog Generation
    • Dynamic Flyer Generation
    • Up to 100,000 page generations per month included.
    • Additional page generations are billed incrementally
      @$100/mth per additional 50,000

  • Production

  • $2,500+
    No production charges with minimum 2 year contract.
  • Standardizing Data

    $2,500 and up based on the number of products and page styles.

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