TotalWeb Partners Pay Per Click Management Programs


TotalWeb Partners Delivers Best in Class Pay Per Click Management.

Fast, efficient, and comprehensive services for Google, BIng, and Yahoo SEM programs.  Detailed tracking and on-going analysis from TotalWeb’s professionals ensures our customers receive top shelf customer service and results that are second to none.
TotalWeb’s staff will learn about your business and goals to guide the implementation and maximize results. No special quoting is required as costing is quick and easy with TotalWeb’s menu driven services.

Total PPC – Comprehensive, easy to understand, and quick to implement.


“TotalWeb” Pay Per Click Management Packages

Strategic Value
Program Deliverables
Mthly Spend
Monthly Spend
Monthly Spend
Client Interaction
Client Meeting; Keywords & Position Strategy Discussion Semi-Monthly Monthly Monthly
Ad Review; Design and Content Review Semi-Monthly Monthly Monthly
Campaign Targeting
Search Engines Google Google






Ad Creation & Modification (Static or Dynamic) Up to 10 Up to 20 As Needed
Display & Re-Targeting Program (Includes Art Creation) Up to 10 Up to 20 As Needed
Monthly Summary Reports X X X
Real Time Report Portal with Helpdesk X X X
User ID and Organic Position Advanced Reporting Monthly Email Real Time Portal Real Time Portal
Research & Adjustment  Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Semi- Monthly Monthly Monthly
Organic Result Comparative Analysis  Semi-Monthly Monthly Monthly
Position and Bid Updating Bi-Monthly Weekly Weekly
 Costs Setup $250 $450 $550
Monthly Cost  $425 $650 $1,100
*Customer to Provide Credit Card for Direct Payment to Google, Yahoo, & Bing, and TWP Charges.
6 Month Minimum Commitment  ~ Pricing valid through Dec 31, 2020

Advantages of the TotalWeb team!


Dedicated to Helping Your Business Succeed Online

The managing partners of TotalWeb have decades of strategic sales support, web marketing, and engineering systems knowledge and experience having worked within the manufacturing and the on-line marketing arena for the past 20 years.


Not Your Typical Marketing Firm

Our team is comprised of technical, marketing, and process design experts who have all worked in the field, ran businesses, and owned entities like yours. This breadth of real world experience has guided the production of offers that are easy to understand with defined and quantified deliverables. With TotalWeb you will know what you are buying.


Depth of Knowledge

Our team members past responsibilities have included engineering process design, key account management, and sales development. We have conducted scores of web marketing seminars, managed on and off-line sales, monitored thousands of on-line marketing programs, and worked on hundreds of advanced website builds.

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