The Growing Importance of Mobile Web Design.
Google algorithm alert! If your business doesn’t have a mobile website you’d better set one up quick. This is a quite a game-changer.

Google announced yesterday (19 November 2014) that it would introduce ‘mobile friendly’ labels on search results to indicate which links are best optimized for smartphones and tablets.

It also said it’s experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal (meaning that if your website is not mobile friendly you will be organically positioned below sites that are). Google’s latest mobile development is perfectly timed. We’re forever having to remind our clients that when push comes to shove Google really doesn’t care about their business. All it cares about is being the leading search engine, and therefore it wants brands to provide consumers with the best user experience, which is increasingly viewing on mobile devices. So if you haven’t yet got a decent mobile site and you’re not planning on rectifying that immediately you’re in for a tough time online. With 2015 predicted to be the year where mobile search volumes overtake desktop search volumes Google is positioning itself to remain the world’s number one, and like it or not, your business is going to have to come along with it.

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