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7 SEO Elements to Boost Your B2B Campaign

In spite of ongoing search engine algorithm changes, few marketing experts would argue that the need for a keen understanding of SEO best practices has diminished over the years. If anything, the value of SEO knowledge and capabilities has increased.

At the same time, many non-experts mistakenly assume that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. In fact, the practice varies in accordance with numerous factors, not all of which are obvious or intuitive.

Here’s the hard truth: B2B SEO campaigns are very different from B2C SEO campaigns.

If your company markets primarily to other businesses and their decision-makers, you need to follow a very different set of SEO best practices than companies marketing primarily to individual end-users.

These seven elements are critical to any B2B SEO campaign.

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The 5 D’s (Transformational Trends) of Email and Marketing

“We live in a D-world,” stated Thomas Le Thierry d’Ennequin from Vizeum at this year’s Golden Hammer conference. While listening to the talks, I counted five D’s: disruption, deconstruction, de-planning, de-materialization, and de-creativity.

We are now living in a marketing world characterized by 5 D’s. So let’s explore those D forces and how they make up new email and marketing trends.

1. Disruption: Unlearn everything you know

These days, it seems that wherever you look, an industry is being disrupted. Established businesses are always looking over their shoulders to make sure some app isn’t trying to revolutionize their industries and way of life.

However, not only traditional businesses should be wary—email marketers should, too.

Joanna Bakas, the managing partner of LHBS Consulting in Germany, encourages marketers to “unlearn everything we have learned.” Email marketers can’t be complacent when people’s daily lives online and offline continue to evolve. You won’t attract clients’ attention by sticking to old methods.

Email marketing (and every other kind of marketing, too) is still adapting to the mobile surge that began a few years ago.

One of the hot email marketing trends at the moment is extreme email personalization. Email marketing is moving away from bulk emails, and so we have to unlearn old strategies of “communicating to the masses” and instead learn the art of having intimate conversations with individuals.

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The 4 Easiest Ways to Supercharge Your Social-Media Marketing

When two out of three Internet users across the world is active on social media, you don’t need much of an introduction to how all pervasive this medium has become in the last decade. The average American spends 2.7 hours every day on social media. Need I go on?

Most businesses today have wised up to the power that social media has to influence and build one on one relationships with users. Which means most businesses have a presence on the social media networks that matter to their users. However, in spite of all the ballyhooing about the medium, social media marketing is still limited to posting an update or two every day and replying to customer comments as they roll in.

The fact is there’s so much more that you can do with this versatile medium with so little effort. Here’s a look at some of the things that you can accomplish through social media that you never could otherwise.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Mobile Marketing into a Social Media Strategy

With approximately 7 billion mobile users at the end of 2014, mobile marketing presents a unique opportunity for small businesses to deliver unique brand experiences tailored to consumers on-the-go. As mobile usage continues to rise, companies need to recognize the importance of delivering social media messaging that caters to and targets mobile device users.

In her debut article posted to PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit, Kristen Gramigna, chief marketing officer for BluePay, provides three ways you can incorporate mobile marketing tactics into your current social media strategy. To reach new customers or to deepen the engagement with current customers:

Customize. Gramigna suggests that it’s critical to review how your social profiles look on all platforms (e.g., desktop, iPhone and Android devices). This research will allow you to customize your social profiles to ensure the best user experience possible.
Optimize. With mobile users checking social media to find suggestions for nearby businesses, it is key that your prospects and returning customers can quickly find you on social media. Optimize your social profiles so users can find you and confirm that all profiles include your correct business location, hours of service, price range and contact information.
Tailor. Gramigna recommends you tailor your social media posts to a mobile user’s day. With the majority of mobile search activity taking place from 3 p.m. until midnight, tailor your social activity to involve mobile users during these hours based on their search activity and location.

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4 Key Things Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Planning a SEO Budget

SEO is no magic bullet. You need to understand its key elements before entering into an SEO campaign.

The marketing industry is all about ideas and strategies. The options to promote brands are so diverse it can often overwhelm entrepreneurs. Moreover, each of these marketing platforms has its own advantages when it comes to helping your company to grow. That said, most startups can’t invest time and energy into all these marketing efforts due to budget constraints.

Businesses, large and small, should always plan and budget their marketing activities in advance to keep things under control. Yet, as a local search specialist, one area I continually see out-of-control expenses is SEO. One reason is that many find planning a marketing budget an elusive task. But this doesn’t need to be the case. All you need is a simple plan and budget that is easy to stick to.

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