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The Five Most Important Website Design Trends That Will Emerge In 2017

For non-website designers, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of the technological advances and countless new design options emerging almost daily. But you know that your website must be user-friendly and engaging on any device.

As a business owner in the digital marketing space, it is comm to become the translator for designers and coders. Here are five of the most important website design trends to help you engage visitors and achieve your website conversion goals in 2017, all of which are included in TotalWeb Partners Website Design Strategies:

  1. Responsive Website Design
  2. Semi-Flat Design
  3. Minimalism Paired with Micro-Interactions
  4. Parallax Scrolling and Interactivity
  5. Stronger Use of Typography

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Content Industrial Buyers Want from Supplier Websites

Content Industrial Buyers Want from Supplier Websites by Achina Mitra

Manufacturers and industrial companies have shifted more of their marketing dollars to digital marketing channels for a very good reason. Their target audience—engineers and industrial buyers are using digital media to find components, equipment, services and suppliers (77%); obtain product specifications (73%); find product availability information (70%); perform research (67%); and compare products across suppliers (66%). (Source: 2015 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector; IHS Engineering360 Research Report).

And TotalWeb Partner’s Web Marketing Offers can help you do all of this.

The chart above shows how industrial professionals are using the Internet for work-related purposes.

The same study also found that the top three work-related digital resources used by technical professionals of any age have remained unchanged from 2014 to 2015: General Search Engines (89%), Supplier Websites (75%) and Online Catalogs (74%).

All those statistics are very encouraging but they only tell half the story because it only represents the demand side – how industrial buyers are making their purchase decisions. However, suppliers are falling short when it comes to providing content that industrial buyers want.

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