Why Authoritative Content Is More Important Than SEO.

It is a little-known secret that Google and other search engines are making a shift from traditional search engine optimization (SEO) to a focus on quality and authoritative content. While it is still important to optimize your meta data and remain on top of relevant keywords, it can no longer be denied that when it comes to generating organic search results, quality content with a strong focus on authority is now leading the pack.

Content that is heavy in SEO is no longer the best method for bringing in the traffic you seek. It has always been said that content is the king of the Internet. With Google placing an increasingly heavy focus on powerful content, marketing professionals are finding that authority is oftentimes more important than search engine optimization.

Google is not the only search engine placing a strong emphasis on authority. Search Engine Land recently reported that Bing has developed its own version of Google Panda, and is focusing more heaving on quality content comprised of several factors, including authority.

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