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New Website Design Trends We Predict In The Near Future

Change: It’s a word us digital marketers have gotten very accustomed to using on a daily basis. I supposed anyone who is online — let’s face it, that’s just about everyone — has become accustomed to the word change.

A lot of people cringe when they hear the word change, but for us digital marketers, it only means more opportunity. There’s changes on social media, search ads, Google, just about anything. But what about website design?

Website design has been around a long time, since the stone age. It’s obviously come a long way, but what can we expect to change in the near future. Let’s take a look at 3 changes we expect to see this year with website design.

Content Change

This is a big one, because, as we’ve heard a million times, Content is King!! As if that hasn’t been pounded into your head enough.

But the way we use content on a site is beginning to slightly change, mostly from a informational standpoint to a storytelling type of content. Websites used to be, and a lot still are, all about giving the facts about your business then pointing them to the checkout lane, or whatever the final conversion may be.

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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

Any effective digital marketing strategy involves an integral component that is social media. Startup or not, it is one of the best digital platforms for propelling businesses forward rapidly, provided that social media marketing is done right.

For newcomers to the digital marketing industry, making a good first impression on social media is extra critical as they only get one chance to make it right. Losing that chance means lagging behind competitors and repairing reputation which in of itself a not so easy chore.

Don’t fall to the social media trap! Be informed, know these top 8 common mistakes.

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