With over fifteen years of experience in the global digital market, I am one of the world’s leading references when it comes to social networking. Today, my work field is new business in content management and digital transformation, focusing on Latin America and the Hispanic Market. After a long period living in various countries around the world, aiming to know different markets and business opportunities, I returned to Brazil, where I prepared for new professional challenges.

With all this experience, I now share through the text below some of my bets for digital marketing in 2020.

1. The creation of a new cultural model of business.

Marketers are increasingly being pressured for results as digital and online commerce advance. Brands must urgently reinvent themselves by creating a new value culture for this new consumer or they will no longer be attractive and desirable. The agenda today goes beyond digital transformation, more in the construction of new cultural positions, because the consumer is constantly changing.

In the communication industry, what is striking is that the billing model of many agencies has been falling dramatically in recent months, and the growth targets of many agencies, year after year are redirected to smaller numbers due to numerous factors.

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