Chemical and Lubricant Manufacturer New Catalog Site


TotalWeb Partners launched a new site for a Michigan-based manufacturer of coatings, lubricants, cleaners, and other chemicals.

Freiborne Industries – located in Pontiac, Michigan – manufactures chemicals for industrial applications. This includes metal forming, paint pretreatment, rust protection, stamping, extrusion and more. Their selection of proprietary formulas is vast, and they wanted a better way to market their products online. TotalWeb Partners worked with the customer to develop a website that would fit their needs. It features a catalog of almost 200 unique products, SEO-focused industry articles, product specification literature, and product-specific case studies.

The original website’s menu system was difficult to navigate, and it was tricky finding the exact formula the user needed. We helped develop a catalog system that gives the users multiple pathways to find what they’re looking for. The user can look by application, by product line, by type, or by substrate. The user is then presented with charts that the user can sort, including by substrate, temperature range, or by application method.

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