Electronics Component Site with Catalog

TotalWeb Partners Launches a New Site for an Electronics Component Manufacturer.
RFI-Motorola is an Ohio based company that turned to TotalWeb Partners to improve a captive catalog site that they use with a known group of engineers.

The site is RWD including automatic response on the chart pages.  They will insert a horizontal scroll bar ONLY when the screen becomes too small to display the entire chart.  This is true RWD as compared to many sites that re-size around charts or have permanent scroll bars.

Although the site does not have product images, which the client can expand at any time, it does have a very unique triple search/sort function.

  1. Home page and header search box can search keywords, part numbers, and documents. Home Page with Search Box
  2. Part family specification /column searching.  Type text in the field search boxes on the top of all specification columns and the parts chart will be automatically truncated to include only the components matching the search, not just reordered.  Antenna Page with Column Search Function
  3. Sort based on any specification.  Click on the up or down arrows of any column to sort numerically or alphabetically.
Additionally, the site includes a complete and simple to use customer accessible CMS back end to easily load new products within the established families that will automatically be included within the search results and chart pages.
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