Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age: Where Do You Stand?

While open houses (and baking aromas) are still firmly entrenched in the real estate professional’s toolkit, their marketing arsenal has widened to include tools that reach users in their new native environments – online.

 Google Organic Search

Make your website easily findable online by users by optimizing it for search engines. This processing of optimization involves making the content of your website as relevant as possible to user searches regarding real estate in your area. Zero in on keywords used by your target audience to search for properties to buy or real estate agents to contact with free tools like the Google’s Keyword Planner.

 Content Marketing

Besides optimizing your site for search engines, create content that will be useful for your target audience and which will lure them on to your website with interesting information. Your content needs to be original, engaging, informative and most importantly, center around your critical keywords.

 Pay Per Click Web Marketing

Paid search marketing is another important way of reaching out to users who are searching for property and real estate related information. With Pay-Per-Click ads, each time a user searches for a specific query that contains your keywords or is related to your keywords, an ad for your business shows up at the top of the user’s search results.

 Email Marketing

Email marketing offers your real estate business many advantages – a captive audience that has signed up to hear from you, a platform to educate and engage your customers with everything to do with new listings, real estate news, buying tips and tricks, and more.

 Social Media

Unlike what popular wisdom may suggest, social media is a fabulous place to promote your real estate business. With social media’s unique ability to put you face to face with your customers, social media marketing is a fantastic opportunity to build personal relationships with users and gain their trust over time.

Use these tips as a starting point to build online campaigns that are not just memorable, but also extremely effective from an ROI perspective.

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