How to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2015.

Did you spend 2014 thinking that social media was a poor excuse for a marketing channel? That Twitter is too superficial to help your business grow and profit, or that Instagram is too fluffy of a platform for a serious brand to use well?

Let me level with you: it’s not social media, it’s you.

If you dismiss social media networks as unimportant or ineffective marketing tools, you’re missing out on a huge — and free — form of smart, useful marketing for your brand or business. 

I’d love to help you enter the New Year with a new perspective on social, and how to use it to your advantage. Use these tips to better your social media presence and start seeing a better ROI of your time and effort in 2015:

  • Understand Why Social Media Matters
  • Be Social!
  • Keep Showing Up
  • Know Where Your Target Audience Is
  • Stop Forcing It
  • Create a Plan

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